Deputy al-Maliki's coalition calls for prosecution presenter deliberately insulting officials and parliamentarians

MP for the coalition of state law called for the emotions of grace, Speaker of the Parliament, to move a lawsuit against one of television programs which are displayed in the ninth hour provider. Her grace, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "one Palestinian nationality software providers and belonged to the Baath Party, deliberately insulting to the people's deputies elected through its propaganda which displays nine o'clock, in clear violation of journalistic ethics that prevent insults The verbal abuse and the use of profanity, and if he allows himself to insulting the officials in the executive branch for one reason or another legislative Authority should have prestige because they represent the power of the people. "She added," This person is trying to show himself in a heroic defender of the interests of the Iraqi people and is hiding in Office outside of Iraq, and if it has an iota of honesty with himself and with the public let him come to Baghdad and take part in demonstrations in Tahrir Square, protected by the army and police, as evidenced by the hundreds of artists, journalists and lawyers involved in these demonstrations.
"She pointed out that" If the goal presenter is the fight against corruption and the corrupt no one objected to it, but it seems that the real goal is fame and appearing like a hero in the eyes of people through clowning and screaming hysterical playwright and insults obscene for people, driven agenda suspicious and known to all.
"She stressed the grace of the" need for the Speaker of the House move He filed a lawsuit against him on charges of insulting to the elected representatives of the Iraqi people, "calling the executive bodies to" activate the decision to close the channel, which shows where the offices, and make its director bankrupt after he subsisted on extortion and defamation similar to other well-known in collusion with corrupt ".anthy