The arrival of a new batch of Russian warplanes to Iraq

Special scales News - A military source revealed Friday that Russia will supply Iraq with fighter planes in the next few days to enter into the service directly to fight the terrorist organization Daash.

The source, who holds a senior position in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense's / scales News / that four Russian helicopters from hunter night "Mi -35 M" and "Mi-28 model will reach Iraq in the next few days," noting that Iraq until the end of 2016 will receive 43 attack helicopter, including 24 helicopters "Mi -35 M" and 19 of the model "Mi -28".

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said "Iraq looking for diversity of sources of armaments and agreements armament fruitful and strive to make new deals with Moscow," revealing that "the Iraqi Ministry of Defense is considering a number of armament Offers of military warship Russian companies a giant."

This "linking Iraq and arming several decades, with Russia, which is considered one of the leading exporters of arms to Iraq" .anthy 29 / d 25