Urgent start of the parliamentary session to vote on the parties and the National Guard and law

Began Thursday morning meeting of the House of Representatives led by Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 220 deputies. The agenda of the House of Representatives agenda to vote and reading of several laws and discuss important topics including the vote on the draft law on political parties, and vote on the draft National Guard law. "It also includes" discuss the areas controlled by Daash who fled to areas under the control of state employees salaries Iraqi and exercising their business in alternative circles in all parts of Iraq, and discuss the subject of suspicious activities in support of the Daash. "and will discuss the Parliament also" discuss the issue of balances displaced in banks., with the first reading of the draft first amendment to the law of the forensic medicine No. 37 Act of 2013, and the completion of the debate for the second reading Project to freedom of expression and assembly and peaceful protest law. "and will be" the second reading of the draft reform of the inmates and depositors law "are included on the agenda of Alcilh.anthy 14