Urgent Defense Minister: cancel 16 contracts for the Ministry of $ 3.4 billion, where suspicions of corruption

Detection and Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, the cancellation of 16 contracts for the Ministry of $ 3.4 billion, where suspicions of corruption. According to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that al-Obeidi, "presided over the Defense Council meeting, which was attended by members of the Defense Council and directors of weapons and Alsnov concerned, and in the beginning of the meeting to stop the audience a minute's silence on the spirit of Staff Lt. Gen. Ali Fikri Hassan Inspector General of the Ministry of Defence, which passed away yesterday, the minister was alive and present and praised the spirit of the deceased actor turn in the construction of the military establishment and the assignment of the reform approach. "

Speaking about the general reform of the approach taken by the Ministry of Defense and in particular in the field of army building and hit the corruption and the corrupt, the Minister of Defense that "the ministry has been able to in the past few days and in the context of a review of different ministry decades of the abolition of 16 different contract valued at three billion and 424 million and for various reasons including those related to suspicions of corruption, and which was not necessary for the mechanism of building the army and the requirements of the battle in the face of limited resources of the state, and another section has been canceled for lack of legal contractual terms of the proper form. "

The al-Obeidi, said that "the ministry has been able to after the cancellation of these contracts from the exploitation of the amount of one billion and 600 million dollars of which the number of 36 different contract poured all of them in the perpetuation of the battle requirements against the forces of terror, and thus the ministry was able to provide about two billion dollars the public treasury of the country for the benefit of under difficult economic conditions. "

And the price of Defense Minister "concerted officials in the ministry's efforts to move forward the reform approach and hit the corruption and re-rationalization of material and human resources ministry and invest optimally in order to achieve and sustain the momentum of the battle and the provision of their requirements" .anthy