The announcement of the formation of committees to follow up on the state ownership of real estate and sale positions and the pursuit of the fleeing officials

Written by SA

Date: 08/27/2015 21:58

Baghdad INA / Commission announced the parliamentary integrity formation of committees to follow up the sale and ownership of real estate State file illegally and selling government positions and track the fleeing officials abroad.

The committee member said Akil al-Zubaidi in a press statement on Thursday that "the key to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission and the Integrity Commission held a joint meeting resulting in the formation of three committees, the first concerned with following up irregularities that accompanied the process of sale and ownership of state property, while the second is specialized follow-up sale of government positions and reduction process.

"" The Third Committee is concerned with the formation of a field joint teams to follow up on cases of corruption in the ministries, as well as check lists of people banned from traveling wanted criminal issues, and work to track them down in the countries of asylum for they reclaim. "