Abadi Office: Government reforms can not be undone but its application may take time

Author: AHF, BS, ZJ
Editor: AHF, BS

2015/08/27 22:18

Long-Presse / Baghdad
A spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister, on Thursday, said government reforms can not be undone but its application may take time because of the correspondence between the concerned authorities, it confirmed no declaration of any political opposition to block the reforms.

The local media spoke of the President of the Republic Fuad Masum's failure to ratify the decision to sack three of his deputies, as pointed out that infallible face to reduce the staff offices of the Vice-Presidents by 50%.

A spokesman for the Office Saad al-Hadithi in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The government reforms have been approved by the Parliament and in the presence of all the political blocs, and everyone before the reforms package and the sound of it, but the remaining procedural aspects which may take time."

Sabri said that "the application of these particular in relation to the offices of the Vice-President of the Republic, Fbtabieh case reforms this matter is between the presidency and the presidency of the parliament," noting that "the parliament speaker said a while ago that waiting for a book from the presidency of the republic, including the request for cancellation of these positions."
The newborn "not an official position of the offerer and any party to reject the application of the reforms, we deal with the declared positions", as it would take a legislative trend after the parliament vote for it, and there is no legal obstacle to the path of implementation. "

A spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister and added that "it will take time during the proceedings and correspondence that occurs between the concerned authorities do, but the result can not be undone, and it will be binding on all parties."

The Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, announced, (the 17th of August the current 2015), reducing the number of cabinet members from 33 to 22 only, through the restructuring of some ministries and merge them with another.

Article (78) of the Constitution under which the Prime Minister took a bold decision that "the prime minister is the direct executive responsible for public policy of the state, the general commander of the armed forces, the cabinet management, and presides over its meetings, and has the right to dismiss ministers, with the consent of the House of Representatives .

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi has pledged in the 11th of August to continue the current reforms and addressed the Iraqi people by saying, "I will continue the reforms even if it cost my life."

It is noteworthy that in the Parliament (the 11th of August 2015 the current) approved, by an absolute majority, the first package of reforms undertaken by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi started, and included five axes, and reinforced by other reforms included 24 points.