Kurdish lawmaker: non-payment of financial dues led to a lack of commitment by the province to "the oil agreement."

MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Soran Abdullah, on Thursday, that the lack of commitment to the Kurdistan region oil agreement with the federal government, caused by a lack of commitment to Baghdad to pay the financial dues to the region. Said Abdullah told all of Iraq [where] that "the Kurdistan region, committed to the agreement took place between Baghdad and Erbil, about the economic benefits from the sale of crude oil," adding that "the federal government violated later engagement with the region, without the payment of financial dues, prompting to veto the agreement between the parties. "He noted that" the federal government did not send financial receivables, for the region, "noting that" veto the agreement condition, the condition if undone one of the parties, "stressing that" the Baghdad government did not send what its financial benefits, it which led to veto the agreement. "He noted that the" reservoir imbalance is in agreement that the region was issued through the company Sumo nearly 54 million barrels, "noting that" the federal government has given half the amount the source to the region. " End