Allawi calls for reforms "radical" and warns of "breach" of the Constitution

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The head of the national coalition , Iyad Allawi , on Thursday, the government to carry out reforms "radical", as warned of any breach of the constitution, he demanded the speedy submission of corrupt and thieves of public money to the judiciary. Allawi said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of it, "After more than five weeks on the demonstrations peaceful and constitutional mass claim rights, which received the full support her and the blessing of religious authorities, we renew our support for the rights of our people, including the right to expression." He added that "power no response characterized by inclusiveness and the root does not provide a serious processors to improve the living reality or achieve security and services, or the fight against the quota system and to hold the corrupt political and administrative support and Mnzawmathm," warning that "this reluctance is a gateway to more corruption and consecrate him by multiplying the constitutional national institutions and breach Constitution and jump on the political consensus that constitute a safety valve for popular protests. " He called Allawi, the House of Representatives, "the determination and diligence to respond to a document of political reform and the implementation of the claim by giving rights", stressing the need to "expedite the provision of political spoilers and thieves of public money no matter how senior their addresses to the judiciary and establish security and hit terror".
He was President Fuad Masum, confirmed on Wednesday, his support for any program established by the government aims to achieve the people's demands reforms, calling on them to not only "timely and immediate" or "austerity" measures, while stressing the need for the role of Parliament in creating the legal basis for the reform process.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, yesterday, that he would not back down on the reforms voted on by the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives, as pointed out that the political system was in need of public pressure to improve its performance.