Rubaie: I will raise a complaint to the Federal Court against the region to sell oil to the Zionist entity

[Baghdad - where]
the National Alliance MP Rubaie revealed on Thursday his intention to file a complaint in the next few days, to the Federal Court against the Kurdistan region for dealing with the Zionist entity, noting that the Iraqi government did not respond to now on what you are doing Kurdistan. Rubaie said according to a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "reports revealed that three-quarters of Israel's need of oil comes from Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region is very dangerous; because this act supports the Zionist entity in the Middle East," noting that "The Zionist entity germ malicious interference to the body of the Islamic nation." He said he would "present a complaint with the public prosecutor of the Federal Court in the coming days, against the Kurdistan Regional Government, for its dealings with the Zionist entity that has a hand in the killing of our people," stressing that "the Zionist entity is the biggest beneficiary of the existence of terrorist Daash gangs in Iraq, Syria and the region and support the entity is to support the Daash terrorist. "He said al-Rubaie, the export of oil to Israel, is a very big breach of the will of the Iraqi people," surprising "the absence of the central government's attitude toward what the region to now." . The newspaper Alvaanishial Times newspaper confirmed earlier on Monday that Israel imported about three-quarters of its oil from the Kurdistan Regional Government in the last three months, usually that these sales represent a sign of "the growing audacity" to the region and "strained" relations between Baghdad and Erbil, in the Kurdistan Regional Government denied the sale of oil is "directly or indirectly" to Israel. It ended.