Jubouri congratulates the passage of the law of parties and prepared to fulfill part of the reform of Parliament

Parliament Speaker Salim al congratulated the Iraqi people on the passage of the parliament the draft Political Parties and Organizations Act.
His spokesman Imad al-Khafaji, told a news conference held after the approval of the parliament of the law was attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] "We congratulate the Iraqi people to vote on the law of parties, despite the delay for a period of eight years."
He said al-Khafaji, said "the vote on the law today is part of the fulfillment of a paper parliamentary reforms It is important in Iraq and will provide new principles for political action in the country.
"The House of Representatives has voted to approve the draft of the controversial and inactivated eight years ago the law of parties.
It is said that the parliament voted on 11 of August being on the reforms of the government and the parliamentary package which included direct legislation laws that the text of the Constitution that there should be legislation and to overcome what stands her face, and especially [oil and gas law, the law of parties, the Federal Supreme Court Law, the Law of Treaties, the Federation Council Act, amnesty and the laws of the National Reconciliation Act, and the law Guard Aloutna.anthy