Iraq borrow $ 500 million from Saudi Arabia brokered by Allawi to meet the expenses of the presidencies

Date: 08/27/2015 17:35

Information / BAGHDAD / ..
The chairman of political thinking center Ihsan al-Shammari, Thursday, for borrowing the Iraqi government $ 500 million from Saudi Arabia to fill the three presidencies expenses, noting that the borrowing was mediated by Iyad Allawi when he was vice president.

He wrote Shammari Besvanh personal "Facebook" and seen by Agency / information /, "The Iraqi government has borrowed $ 500 million from Saudi Arabia to fill the presidencies expenses."

He added that "borrowing process brokered by Iyad Allawi when he was deputy president of the republic". Without giving further details.

And it revealed the Iraqi Ministry of Finance Wednesday, (July 1, 2015) for the determination of Iraq to borrow $ 2.3 billion from the World Bank in an effort to plug the budget of the country and the expenses of the war against "Daash" criminal.

It is noteworthy that Iraq is experiencing financial and economic conditions difficult, because of its dependence on oil As a supplier basis where accounts for over 95% of the imports of the budget, those conditions and prompted the Iraqi government to borrow from the Bank Ata.anthy / 25 h