Parliamentary Integrity reveal a planned operation to smuggle hard currency: dismantle symbols!

Special scales News - Detection of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mohammed fact, on Thursday, opening a new file on corruption "traders" are fleeing the hard currency "dollar" abroad by buying goods at low prices, confirming the involvement of senior officials in that case.

He said the fact that L / scales News /, that "the issue of a new corruption ensured Parliamentary Integrity Commission investigated a" hard currency drain "out of the country by" traders "are standing behind senior officials in the state."

He added that "this process is done by some traders who derail the hard currency" dollar "of the country through the purchase of goods and goods very low prices worth," stressing that "Akhbarat from private sources and arrived at the committee of parliamentary integrity on the work of these traders."

He noted that "the prices of those goods do not compare the money that is taken out of the country under the pretext of import," explaining that "this process is to cover currency smuggling behind them senior officials process."

He stressed, "The Parliamentary Integrity initiated an investigation into the case and made ​​reservations on their information until they reached to uncover the truth," pointing out that "the operation orchestrated by politicians, traders and dismantle their symbols."

He warned a member of the Federation of Iraqi forces and former governor of Diyala province Humairi Omar, on Thursday, of "the continuation of the local currency smuggling, stressing that the local currency continued to flow out of Iraq would lead to the collapse of the local economy."

The Commission on the economy and investment representative, that "the proportion of smuggling hard currency abroad began less thanks to the measures taken by the central bank, based on the difficulty of controlling the phenomenon of money laundering in the country because they take place in different ways." Ended / 29 / d 24