FBI warns Americans from buying stolen antiquities from Iraq and Syria

Thursday 27 August 2015 | 06:34 evening

BAGHDAD / .. warned the Federal Bureau of Investigation, US, Kas, brokers and dealers of rare artifacts from the purchase of the effects of the Middle East, and with eye to the existence of evidence of the receipt of the effects of American dealers offers for relics stolen from the organization (Daash), confirmed that the sale of these relics It becomes a source of funding for the organization in Iraq and Syria.

The Reuters news agency quoted a statement of the office saying, "It must be on dealers and brokers rare pieces of art in the United States should take heed when buying artifacts from the Middle East," he said, adding "there is no evidence on receiving the Americans antique dealers recently offers to buy relics stolen from Before organizing Daash militants in Syria and Iraq. "

The bureau said in his statement that "the theft of artifacts across Iraq, Syria and sold on the black market has become a source of funding for Sunni Islamist al Daash," adding that "there is growing concern that these artifacts may end up viewing in Western markets."

The statement quoted the director of the anti-theft program effects in the FBI Magnes Bonnie Gardiner as saying, "We have credible reports indicate that the American people were offered archaeological property showing that she had recently been robbed of Syria and Iraq."

Gardiner called collectibles collectors and art dealers to "vigilance to make sure of the origin and source of imported pieces and the health of the documents attached to them."

The official added that the FBI "What we are saying is that we would like not to allow this to become artifacts that could be a source of support for terrorism, part of Tjartkm".

And between the site that "(Daash) display, on Tuesday, images allegedly describes the process of the destruction of the ancient Temple of Palmyra area in Syria, an act described by the UNESCO Organization of the United Nations as a war crime." It ended 6