Financial plans are "flexible" in line with the financial conditions

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - and Deputy Finance Minister Fadhil Nabi Center Brief informed that the ministry will hold intensive meetings on avoiding financial crisis for the country, noting that the ministry's real-time solutions in line with the fall in world oil prices.

The Ministry of Finance earlier, you can not pay 100% full budget to the ministries of this year due to the financial crisis plaguing the country and the war on terrorism and displaced persons and the oil price decline.

The Prophet's (IMN) said that the ministry has a distinct competencies and expertise to attend meetings aimed at everyday financial management policy for the country, "asserting that" the employees' salaries and Okhov locked it. "

He continued that "The ministry has prepared solutions for real-time via the meetings held, in line with the financial conditions and oil prices in the global market variables," adding "the ministry is pressing toward reducing expenses of state institutions all, especially with after the cancellation of some positions and reduce the salaries of officials."

He warned the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed earlier, of "economic difficulties" the government may face in the event of continued decline in global oil prices, noting that the Commission is working in coordination with the government to find solutions to the provision of staff salaries solutions during 2016.