Frankincense: Sinead alternative is the highest members of the mass of voices and Maliki may return

08.27.2015 at 11:03 (GMT Baghdad)

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Said a coalition of state law by honest frankincense, Thursday, that the seat of outgoing MP Hassan Sinead, call the block occupied by more members of the voices in the last election as a candidate for the bloc, noting that the House of Representatives may be a new arena for the coalition leader Nuri al-Maliki.

He's chewing gum / scales News /, that "alternative that will serve as the outgoing MP Hassan Sinead, the call will be higher Bloc members voices as a candidate for the bloc, noting that this is a federal court ruling."

He said a member of the state of law, that "al-Maliki if he wants to return to the parliament the right available and would be more useful in the parliament than if the outside, indicating that al-Maliki worked in Iraq for eight years and his positions clear and visible has been Parliament be other his arena if they are to work there."

He noted, that "the political accusations that promote the return of al-Maliki to the parliament in order to get immunity is misplaced given that the law will raise the immunity of a deputy if committed an offense that, stressing the need for the country to accuracy in diagnosis and talk by politicians and stay away from Altqazv things do not He is in his favor. "

And it provided MP for the coalition of state law Hassan Sinead, first Tuesday, his resignation from the membership of the House of Representatives, stressing that the resignation was a private, objective and not for political reasons.

For his part, the legal expert Tareq Harb, on Wednesday, he is entitled to the leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki to operate Coalition MP Hassan Sinead seat after the last resignation, noting that the return of Qutaiba al-Jubouri of the Council of natural Representatives on the grounds that his bloc had seats vacant in the Council . ended 29/28