PUK: Barzani can stay for two years in exchange for reforms
Thursday, 27 August 2015 12:59

Shafaq News / An American report said on Thursday that Kurdistan region is passing through dispute to elect a president of the region, noting to the presence of the disorder situation

in the region with regard to the powers to be enjoyed by the region's president.

A report of Voice of America site , followed by Shafaq News, said that the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party (PUK) , Saadi AhmedBera, said that the unity of the Kurds is not a matter of dispute among the Kurdish political parties, adding that the region is one , the government is one and the parliament is one , the case will remains as it is and the parties reach an agreement.

He said that in spite that it is difficult to reach an agreement, but it is not impossible, pointing that Massoud Barzani, can stay in office for a year or two years to come, but he said that the parties must work on reforms in the authorities and the role of the region's president.

The report also quoted the leader in Kurdistan Democratic Party , Mirkan Shahin as saying that the parties agreed not to create a crisis, stressing that his party fully believes in democracy in which the people can elect their president, but the other parties say that electing the president must take place within the regional parliament.

For his part, the Adviser of the head of the regional government , Sherzad Hassan said according to the report, that there is a way for the continuation of the region's president in his post for two years by strengthening parliament's powers and determine the president of the region authorities, expressing his belief that it is better for the parties to reach an agreement to achieve some gains and abandon others.

He noted that the conflict over the presidency of the region comes at a time the region is facing many crises, including ISIS terrorist organizationís war and the budget of the region they was deducted by Baghdad.

Representatives of the United States and Britain have participated in the meetings of the Kurdish parties to discuss a solution to the problem with those parties confirm that the subject is not only about Barzani but has to do with respect for democracy in the region.

Kurdistan Democratic Party insists on extending the mandate of Barzani for two more years and then organizes a general election to elect a new president for the region directly, but the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan , Change Movement , the Islamic Union and the Islamic Group are determined to elect the president by the parliament.