Maliki: Investment Law will represent a real breakthrough way of development and adopt next Monday

He confirmed the Investment Committee and a member of the parliamentary Economy Abdul Salam al-Maliki, Wednesday, that Thanon investment rate would represent a real breakthrough in the way of economic development, pointing to the existence of a parliamentary consensus for approval during its next Monday.

Maliki said in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of "The Iraq experience during the previous phase indicated very clearly to the importance of the development of the investment sector to support the economic reality of Iraq, and the transition to multiple sources of funding rather than relying on oil as the sole source of imports."
"The investment law Pencchth amended will represent a real breakthrough in the way of actually investment in Iraq's development by providing the necessary support of foreign investors and provide incentive has facilities through the elimination of red tape and restrictions that have made Almstmther foreign reluctant to invest in Iraq with the desired interest to provide new business outlets mechanisms Iraqi Youth and achieve growth and construction in the country. "

He said al-Maliki "There is a consensus on the need to pass a parliamentary investment law in parliament session scheduled for Monday of next week, the move to be made that the major achievement added to the achievements of the Parliament and the Commission peek economy and investment in particular."
The member of the Economic Committee that "This came after great efforts, workshops and dialogues with experts and specialists in this field to come out with a draft law free of defects and provide the investment service of the country with utmost levels" Fالمالكي%3A-قانون-الاستثمار-سيمثل-انطلاقة-حقيقية-&edit-text=&act=url