Judge Mehat al-Mahmoud opens chanting ceremony to section 122 judges

Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud opens chanting ceremony to section 122 judges from the first session of the Institute of the judiciary and the 36th session of the judicial development of the graduates of the Judicial Institute And it confirms that the Iraqi judicial staff increased by about 1000 a judge and member of the claim from what it was before 2003, He asked the judicial authority of the House of Representatives for the judiciary to legislate and said that "the new draft of the Federal Court Act sender of the judiciary provides for the membership of its members and its president to end in 12 years and this time limit will end after months and will enter the court new elements complement her career, calling for speeding in approval. " Mahmoud warned to "raise the Supreme Judicial Council names of candidates for the presidencies of the Court of Cassation and the Prosecutor's Office to the House of Representatives since December 12 of last January appointment to issue a decision in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution." And asserts Mahmoud "not to record any breach of Mali on the Federal Judiciary since separated from its budget in 2004, the testimony of the Integrity Commission and the Board of Supreme Audit and the offices of inspectors general." He stressed that the movements of a judge for 47 years and member of the allegation since Alastthaiah Judicial Council meeting held last week. And goes head of the judiciary "will not relent accounting for any judge or member's claim in deviates in his work."