Mentors Commodores Iraqis ... register set a new record in navigational sea guidance

Record guides Commodores Iraqis set a record in the marine navigational guidance to and from the ports of Iraq reaching maritime guidance bouts during the July 2015 (512) included a bout guidance operations for ships entering and departure and for different loads and specialties .... And sizes and for all types of commercial vessels, according to the following priorities where the port of Umm Qasr 182 bout, followed by the port of Khor Al-Zubair 113 bout and port stronghold 100 bout and Marina port of Faw 57 bout in the port of Abu Flus 35 bout and finally gas port liquid 25 bout and therefore have daily heart rate by the guides Commodores Iraqis bout 12 per day and around the clock while the control of the Department of Navy, which oversees the operations of all this guidance note that this figure has not recorded any port in the region.