Iraq and a host of economic Brix 8/26
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Thread: Iraq and a host of economic Brix 8/26

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    Iraq and a host of economic Brix 8/26

    Iraq and a host of economic Brix

    8/27/2015 0:00

    BAGHDAD - morning
    Search for alliances and partnerships economic may be trying to get out of crises, economic failure, and the renewal of dealing with a more flexible markets, and less dominant, and out of the dominant circle of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and their conditions predatory politics in control and Alakhaddaa..ohmah recognize the Iraqi government to move toward such spaces will be a kind of disengagement with the turbulent economic policies, and with the soaked crises markets, did not contribute to the development of any episode of the economy mired in centrality, and figured out that the need to approach the government for the pursuit of openness and partnership with the BRICS economic group, which Her countries means faster global economic growth rates, It will be a platform to engage in new economic system, and activist, and the prospect of an economic future, and can help you solve a lot of commercial, agricultural and oil economy and banking problems in Iraq.

    This organization has the task of states, strong economies such as China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa, and with the active participation of Iran, which is Masada economic trends for these countries more effectively in the face of US and Western domination of world markets, especially that of human demography of these countries makes it valid to create the largest market environment the world, and to develop economic growth rings, as it sought to confirm the independence of Iraq and his search for outlets to meet its economic needs ..

    It is noteworthy that capital «Brix» group of nearly 200 billion dollars, divided into $ 100 billion, as capital «Brix» Bank for International Development, as well as another $ 100 billion to fund the cash reserve.

    This will force the financial and banking force will be an element protectionist countries that join the group, or that share its economic policies, and positions in the reduction of political polar hegemony, banking and domination of the banks run by the major policies in the United States and Gharb..kan Russian President that, Vladimir Putin, announced ahead of summit Ufa in Russia last month, the leaders of the Group countries signed, during the sixth summit held last year in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil, the founding document of the bank $ 100 billion, the work which starts with a capital estimated at $ 50 billion, to provide every state 10 billion.
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