The decision to ban travel for 334 Iraqi official By Roudao 38 minutes ago

By Roudao 38 Minutes ago 08/26/2015

Roudao - Erbil

Parliamentary Integrity Commission, the independent Commission on Public Integrity issued in coordination with the judiciary decision to ban travel for 334 Iraqi official.

A spokesman for the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, MP Adel Nouri, "After successive meetings of the Integrity Commission and the Committee of the Parliamentary Integrity been issued orders to prevent 334 Iraqi official to travel, including 20 ministers, and 314 other private degrees, such as agents ministers, directors of two years."

Nuri said "there are other list of accused of corruption, but the investigation is not yet complete, and in the coming days will be announced the names".

Integrity Iraqi court and sentenced to one year imprisonment, the Secretary of Baghdad, Sabir al-Issawi, after the judiciary announced the names of the 29 official accused of corruption, and wanted by the Commission for investigation.