Jaafari: a lot of facts in Iraq absent from abroad

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Wednesday, that many of the facts in Iraq absent from abroad, calling on the Iraqi diplomatic corps to the advancement of this task.

Jaafari said during a speech, today, in front of a gathering of cadres of the Ministry transferred to the Iraqi missions in countries around the world cited by the Information Office and seen Agency News Today on them, "There are a lot of facts in Iraq absent from abroad, we isolate the daughters and sons of the diplomatic corps that stand up to this task, and pose a real equivalent.

"He added Jaafari, that" people outside hear and listen to him who his strongest and coupled with evidence, and blends strong performance and strong ethics, national and argument. "

Addressing the audience, saying, "You are now here you go from no load on you to convey to the Iraqi national culture abroad and speech .. this bouquet of roses bouquet diversity .. congruent with each other should not turn it into the lungs choked When you breathe the other lung .. open uncontaminated ", calling for "the need to move abroad in Iraq, citing responsible. "