Obeidi: apolitical technical reasons behind the postponement of the vote on the law of parties

Information / BAGHDAD / ..
Ezzat MP for the Federation of Iraqi forces beautiful Obeidi, Wednesday, to postpone the vote on the law of parties to technical issues, not political. She said al-Obeidi told / information / "The parties law intended to vote in the previous session, but the National Alliance added paragraphs on law at the last minute. "She added that" the Legal Committee and the Committee of civil society organizations met immediately on these proposals, but the time did not allow them to discuss them, which led it to postpone the vote on this law. "Obeidi explained that" the majority of political blocs agreed on the drafting of the law and there is no any political disagreements about it, "unexpected" vote on the law inevitably at the next meeting because there is enough time to study the proposals submitted by the National Alliance. "postponed the House of Representatives paragraph vote on the draft political parties law inscribed on the business meeting agenda, yesterday, until further notice at the request of Congress to discuss the proposals on some points of contention in the law, but the Council failed to vote on it. It is said that the parties law, the House of Representatives table for more than seven years, and which demanded the Iraqi street by approving the several times, but there are significant differences within the political blocs on the law, particularly the paragraph concerning disclosure of sources of Altamoal.anthy / 25