Al-Mahmoud announced near the end of his presidency of the Federal Court confirms: "We did not score any breach at all."

The President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud, the identification of the new draft of the Federal Court Act membership of the Chairman and members of the Federal Supreme Court for 12 years, adding that "these 12 years will end after a few days or months after, until the intervention of the Court of new elements. Said Mahmoud, during his speech in repeating the section of the graduates of the session of the 36 in the Judicial Institute gala, he was in the midst of all the rampant corruption in state institutions, has been registered violation and one on the federal judiciary since 2004 and until now, and the testimony of all the regulatory institutions in the Integrity Commission and the Office of control Finance and Inspectors. Turning Head of the Judiciary to the files of corruption, saying: "The chief prosecutor gave me that there is a 1166 recovery face to file Interpol to arrest the suspects and follow-up going on, but cooperation is not a way that we want to have to do the recovery files, and arrested the suspects even tried," noting that "I have a list of the number of ministers who are sentenced to terms and general managers and others, and the list on the table some of them were sentenced in absentia provisions and some of them been sentenced adversarial." It was to be "who have been sentenced in absentia hope to come to court to prove their innocence, and told us all officials judicial authority we guarantee a fair trial and full respect for each accused and prosecuted in the criminal returned, "pointing to" condemn the 29 convicted rank of director general or above and 24 officials from the General Manager, and above shown in front of the judiciary. "