The start of the Kurdish parties in Arbil meeting to discuss the presidency of the province


Began Wednesday morning, five Kurdish parties in Arbil meeting. A source for "agency Sama Baghdad news" that "Kurdish parties held a meeting to discuss the issue of the presidency of the Kurdistan region. The MP for the Kurdish coalition Amin Bakr, said last Monday that talks on the presidency of the Kurdistan region law is still under way, noting that the Kurdish parties hold a meeting on Wednesday to resolve the issue of the presidency of the region. The witness Kurdistan region intensive dialogue between the political parties, especially the major ones out to dissolve a compromise concerning Amendment Act presidency of the province, at the time of the Shura Kurdistan Council decided last Wednesday to extend the mandate of the region's president, Massoud Barzani, which ended last Thursday, August 20 to two years , which was rejected by some Kurdish parties, the Kurdish movement while promised to change the decision politically motivated and that he is not the prerogative of this Council