2015 without appointments to "Tonat Abadi and federal" .. The reason for austerity!

Special - scales News - He stressed the parliamentary finance committee member Rustam Masood Haider, Wednesday, that the current year 2015 saw the launch of non-governmental organizations because of CHALLENGES appointments made by both the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Federal Court.

He said Rustam's / scales News /, said that "the members of the House of Representatives they redeploy and the allocation of grades within the financial budget for the current year," noting that "the Government of Abadi, in addition to the Federal Court challenged the grades made by Parliament this year and caused to cease grades final ".

The member of the parliamentary finance committee, said that "of the reasons that prevented the release of scores career dating back to what is going through the country from financial" austerity "hardship as a result of lower oil prices, which are the primary source of financial budget as well as the large number of wars against the terrorist organization Daash".

It is said that "the parliamentary Finance Committee announced that, in time past, the launch of the first meal of the grades for all government ministries and independent bodies and provincial councils from Tuesday 17/3/2015 a brief summary, indicating that" second meal will be launched during the month of July. "