Kurdish parties to agree on a special paragraph 13 under the chairmanship of the province

2015/8/26 18:01

[Baghdad - where]
The President of the Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, Fouad Hussein, on Wednesday, said the meeting, which included the five main parties was a good meeting, stressing the parties agree on the 13 paragraph of the presidency of the provincial law.

Hussein said in a press conference after the end of the five-year meeting and I followed the agency all of Iraq [where], that the meeting which took place today came out good outcome of the paragraphs on the powers of president of the region included in the report, which was adopted mainly for negotiations between the political parties of Kurdistan.

Hussein said that "the conferees agreed on the 13 paragraph of the presidency of the provincial law," adding that he "remained a number of other paragraphs will be negotiated in the next meeting."

Said Fouad Hussein, said the next meeting "will be held next Sunday," pointing out that "the conferees agreed also to invite representatives of the Kurdish components of Turkmen, Christians, Yazidis, as well as representatives of political parties that have representation in the parliament of Kurdistan to participate in the next meeting."

Regarding the controversial points that are still in the process of discussions he stressed that "the representatives of the four parties listened to the proposals contained on them in a paper presented by the Kurdistan Democratic Party and they will put them on the leaders of their parties to express an opinion on them and return to the negotiation and agreed upon at the next meeting."

He noted that of "between those points of contention is the fact that the region's president general commander of the armed forces in the province and the region's president the authority to issue a general amnesty."

And on the US exile demand of the Kurdish parties, the need for the survival of the region's president, Massoud Barzani, in office for the next two years until the end of the current session of the Parliament of Kurdistan and then hold elections, said Hussein, said "the US request came through the representative of the United States for the first meeting held between the Presidency of the parliament blocs and parties of Kurdistan It was reaffirmed in the first Quintet meeting, which was held at night. "

Hussein also denied "the existence of a political vacuum in the region," stressing that "the region has institutions, namely the provincial presidency, government and parliament, which is doing business as usual and there is no any political vacuum." End