Next month as the date for the vote on the law on the protection of the institution of the popular crowd
26/08/2015 10:31

The decision of the House of representatives that Act Niyazi oglu protection institution popular vote crowd him next month, after collecting 140 signatures for approval by Parliament.

Revealed a member of the defense and Security Committee of the House of representatives on food, gathering signatures of 140 deputies for the proposed enactment of the age of legal protection for the popular crowd factions.

Davutoglu said that "there is good news for the children of the popular crowd" the adoption of the law on the protection of the crowd will be due next month after collecting sufficient signatures on the adoption of this law. "

The Deputy for the State of law Coalition earlier, he expected some political actors parking opposite of law.

Davutoglu noted that "the National Alliance that seeks to curb the phenomenon of overtaking the crowd popular media and other abuses involving heroes crowd and those in sawah fighting."

The popular crowd factions came earlier to charges of abuses on citizens ' property of some political parties.