The Chairman of the Committee on oil and energy to negate the oil coordination between Kurdistan and Israel
26/08/2015 10:55

President petroleum and Energy Commission Ares Abdullah, an oil coordination between Kurdistan and Israel, stressing that oil and Energy Commission confirmed after consideration of this topic by the absence of any export of oil to Israel.

Abdullah said "the lack of oil and gas law that draws the border and putting dots on the letters and determines powers caused recriminations between Arbil and Baghdad, confirming that direct dealing between Kurdistan and Israel not exist permanently and we do not accept such relationships are not commercially and non political".

And British newspaper the financial times had reported on a press report that Israel imports 75 percent of its oil needs from oil exported from Kurdistan Iraq.

The paper noted that "refineries and Israeli oil companies imported more than 19 million barrels of oil between Kurdish early May and August 11.

"The amount of oil was more than a third of the oil produced by the Kurds of northern Iraq, where they are transferred to Turkey and from there to Israel,".