The Supreme Judicial determines the end of the 12-year membership of the Chairman and members of the Federal Court

Author: HH
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2015/08/26 09:54

Long-Presse / Baghdad
The President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud, on Wednesday, the identification of 12 years to the end of the membership of the President and members of the Federal Court, confirmed that the draft of the Federal Court Act sent to the Council of Ministers tarry to consider it, while noting to expand the powers of the boards of appeal "for not individually President of the Appeals decisions" .

Said Medhat al-Mahmoud in a speech during repeating the section of the graduates of 36 session in the Judicial Institute ceremony attended by, the (long-Presse), that "the total judges in Iraq has become in 1587 a judge after he was 573 judges in 2003," noting that "the judge making the right is a daunting task and a long ".

Mahmood gave thanks for "the efforts of those in charge of the preparation of the judges."

In another context, Mahmood pointed out that "the draft federal law the Supreme Court sent to the Council of Ministers in 2014 tarry to consider it," attributing the cause to "certain differences".

Mahmood said that "the current law provides for the continuation of chairman and members of the Federal Supreme Court over a lifetime, and we opposed this principle and put a period of time in which membership of the Chairman and members of the Federal Supreme Court and we set out with 12-year ends," pointing out that "this period will end after months".

The President of the Supreme Judicial Council expressed the hope that "the legislation is the Federal Supreme Court Act by the House of Representatives."

In another matter Mahmood stressed that "the Supreme Judicial Council decided to expand in the formation of the judicial investigation offices to receive complaints from citizens directly without going to the centers," pointing out that "this office is composed of one or more judges and prosecutor a year or more and a number of judicial investigators and assisted by the judiciary , and we published these offices across the country. "

Mahmood said that "the Council also decided to expand the powers of the boards of appeal in the field assignments and the formation of committees," attributing the cause to "not to take the president of the appeals of these decisions alone, Vmajals Appeal composed of deputies to consult with them in order to take the decision and this kind of decentralization and scrutiny in the decision-making" .

The Supreme Judicial Council on the 18th of August 2015, called for the activation of arrest warrants and travel ban against the accused, called the House of Representatives to expedite the laws relating to the judiciary legislation, in the face of intensifying the completion of criminal cases, especially of "terrorism" and financial corruption efforts.

The president of the Federal Judiciary, Medhat al-Mahmoud, on Thursday, (August 13, 2015), to send the Code of Federal judiciary bills to its legislation in accordance with the constitutional contexts, as he emphasized that it came after the development of these projects with the consolidation of the independence of the judiciary.

It accuses some political blocs, several international destinations, the Iraqi judiciary siding with the government in its decisions and cites incidents of several in which the Federal Court issued and other Iraqi courts, decisions, "poured in the government's interest", such as the largest bloc decision, and refused to distribute cash to the citizens of the oil share , and other issues, as well as other charges of using the government, "the judicial arms" against its opponents by accusing them of "terrorism" in the context of "politically Tsagathm".

Send laws and comes two days after the approval of the Iraqi Council of Representatives after, on Tuesday (11 August 2015), the reformist decisions taken by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reform and proposals announced by the Iraqi Council of Representatives.