Tamimi: the importance of keeping the popular protests and monitor the process of government reform path

[Baghdad - where]
confirmed the head of the Iraqi parliamentary bloc Sabah al-Tamimi, on Tuesday, on the importance of keeping public track of popular protests in the country, indicating that many of those lurking to thwart the protests and the reform process in the country. Said al-Tamimi told all of Iraq [where] that "popular protests in the country, representing all segments of Iraqi society from the Casbah and the poor, workers and intellectuals", as well as "the role of civil society organizations working on the maturation public awareness through workshops to organize efforts efforts from everyone. "She called Tamimi demonstrators to" follow-up paper reform put forward by the government to move towards a comprehensive reform and full of the Iraqi state, which suffers from rampant corruption in all the corridors ", claim to" keep lurking and sycophants from the scene protest the country. "She praised al-Tamimi b" the position of the Iraqi armed forces in dealing with the demonstrators, especially as they put roses on the nozzle guns, and work to protect all demonstrators regardless of their political demands ", calling for" the importance of assigning the security forces and the crowd popular fighter organization Daash terrorist, "indicating that" any violation shortening will be in favor of terrorism. " End