Supreme religious authority based Abdian their support for the reform steps of the President of the board of integrity, who has vowed to cut off root out corrupt

Tue Aug 25 2015
13:10 | (Voice of Iraq) - President of the Authority Dr. (Hassan al-Yasiri) on Friday, 08.14.2015 Motamedi with senior religious authority in holy city of Karbala, Sheikh (Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai) and Mr. (Ahmed net) reform program of the board paper and Government Reform, and during the meeting, in search of support provided by the Supreme religious authority of the board of mechanisms.

And briefed them on the most prominent steps and action programs initiated by the Authority taking several months ago, such as inspection visits and tours the field, and keep the work of the Authority for the recipe office and send teams surveys to governmental institutions; to investigate and activate the work with the offices of inspectors general, as well as uncles accused of corruption and sentenced in absentia names at border crossing points and airports; in order to prevent them from traveling, pack other measures require the support not only of the religious authority and religious pulpit, but from all the real patriots who share our hope for an Iraq free of the scourge of clean corruption and defilements spoilers and squatters on public money.

He revealed al for the Authority to take a package of new measures, will be revealed in the coming days that will root out the corrupt, they have built their thrones and purpose of money haraam wealth at the expense of the interests of the people and strengthened the poor.

In turn dependent religious authority Supreme expressed their support for the program of the President of the Authority's reform and orientations seeking to put an end to corrupt and squatters on public money, unaware of bone placed on the board of Integrity and staff responsibility, and they stand up to the might of spoilers who are content to themselves to steal the food from the mouth of the poor, over armed of all scruples national and humane.

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