Politicians seeking reference calm street .. Iraq may see an open sit-ins .. and activists claim to emulate the Egyptian experience

Tue Aug 25 2015
08:19 | (Voice of Iraq) - Orient - special

Activists are expected in the popular movement that demonstrations turn into an open sit-ins in several cities in Iraq, while others suggested that the popular movement in Egypt experience a model by the Iraqis. On the other hand called for an MP for the coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki, Khawla Ziadi, religious reference to intervene to stop the demonstrations after he turned in several provinces to riots and an attack on the facilities and public funds, she said. She Ziadi "The demonstrations turned in a number of cities of southern Iraq to riot." Adding that. "The solution to invite the religious authority to stop these demonstrations." Stressing that "the difficult situation in Iraq can not tolerate such that fuel the street demonstrations against the government." But activists in the popular movement met with calls to stop the demonstrations calling converted into an open sit-ins. Said activist Ahmed White, "The breakthrough demonstrations by protesters thugs will pay to expand the circle of protests and sit-ins converted to open." The activist called Abdul Amir legal to emulate the experience of the Egyptian people in a regular Mubarak and Morsi dropped through the open sit-ins. He warned activists in Tahrir Square, the Iraqi government from crawling toward the Green Zone and the storm, prompting the security authorities to shut down a bridge in anticipation of the Republic of attempts to cross to the other side and get close to the fortified Green Zone taboos. Security sources predicted that the cities in southern and central Iraq has seen an escalation threatens the government departments, especially after he was ousted a number of administrators and expelled from office by force. On the other hand, the leaders of a number of armed factions warned subjected Iraq to a state comprehensive breakdown of that could lead to a repeat Page looting that followed the occupation of Iraq in April 2003. Hadi al-Amiri, head of the Badr Organization, "The demonstrations the security forces preoccupied what led to breakthroughs in Front fighting for the benefit of Daash especially in the Baiji area. "

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