Economist: small projects optimal solution to unemployment

8/26/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Imad emirate

said economist d. Inside Jawad said small industry occupies a prime location in the industrial sector size, whether in developing countries or developed, and bringing the number of its facilities to more than 90 percent of the total industrial establishments.

He said the locational flexibility that characterized them because of their small size and needs Services Ltd. Site of roads, electricity, water and ports discharge enabled it to spread in rural and urban areas, thus achieving significant benefits, including better distribution for the purpose of employment, income and economic Ovrat resulting from the selection of sites near the sources of production supplies or demand centers by addition they provide for the preparation of the development of technical and managerial expertise in developing societies.

He said Jawad that by virtue of the small amount of capital is relatively and flexibility of on-site high working to attract savings for individuals and direct investment destinations serve the development and added plans, and in Iraq the size of the labor force in the classification of small, medium and large industries, small industries are are used (1 support) to ( 9) workers either medium they are used (1) to (92) factor and large are employing more than 03 workers, and note the apparent decrease in the preparation of medium-sized industrial enterprises after the year 4002 for several reasons.

After that there were 92 medium establishments in 4002 became in 7002 (57) facility only, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics data, noting that these facilities are only operating amounted installations stalled 621 facility concentrated mostly in Baghdad.

He attributed the economic expert obstacles facing the work of these industrial plants to the lack of strategy and clear and integrated to support these projects and the weakness of channels and financing instruments and the high cost of funding with the lack of the required technical support it needs in terms of procedures and authorizations and information of the private sector and the feasibility study and the lack of training entrepreneurs to modern management methods, planning and development centers.

He said the country lacks a lack of institutions working to promote projects and marketing their products locally or internationally, setting up exhibitions and assist them in obtaining Almttorh.waodh d technology. Inside Jawad that the conditions experienced in Iraq after 3002 led to the industrial sector deteriorating significantly, which requires serious attempts at industrial development through the support of small and medium industries, and not, as some believe it depends on large projects or just a giant, citing the Japanese experience, one of the richest experiences in the world.

He added: small and medium industries are no jobs and facing the problem of unemployment as in the United States where small businesses provide (9) job opportunities (01) opportunities, small and medium industrial enterprises is the real core of industrial enterprises giant in America, one of the pillars in basic economic and social fabric as is the case in Italy.

And confirmed d. Inside at the conclusion of his speech the need to develop a clear strategy to support projects by finding the appropriate legal and regulatory environment for the development of these projects with the support and promotion of investment in these projects.