Ambassadors bought palaces abroad, mostly Baathists

Special - scales News - A member of the Committee on Foreign Relations parliamentary Mithal al-Alusi, Tuesday, for the formation of special committees of advisers Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari for the feminine ministry staff.

He said al-Alusi's / scales News /, that "al-Jaafari form a special committee composed of advisers and in coordination with the Foreign Relations Committee of the feminine ministry staff non incompetent that have been appointed in the time of the last government," revealing at the same time that "the Commission will provide first meal names very soon."

The member of the Foreign Relations Committee in Parliament, said that "the parliamentary our committee verify the existence of some ambassadors recently bought palaces in foreign countries amounts" astronomical "beyond real estate, home to ambassadors of the Great Powers prices," noting that "the voting system at the ambassadorial in" one basket "Find us what the so-called "ambassadors without culture."

He said al-Alusi, said that "some ambassadors who ran Iraq's embassies abroad," representing the Baath Party "and do not represent the current federal government," adding that "these ambassadors representing the personal and ideological whims, mostly Baathists."

This "science of early political source, earlier, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari decided to separate the ambassadors of seven Iraqis abroad countries because of their access to scholarships and the Academy of forged certificates, confirming the assignment of 65 diplomatic staff in the Iraqi diplomatic missions abroad to retire.

The source, who works in the Foreign Minister's / scales News / that "al-Jaafari's office form an investigative committee when the ministry assumption about the existence of more than 175 ambassadors and diplomats and employees at the State Department hold a seminar certificates and academic forged," stressing that "the investigation has shown that most Iraqis ambassadors in abroad appointed according to political quota system and factional interests of the ruling party regime in Iraq. "

The source who spoke on condition of anonymity, said "al-Jaafari decided to build on Makedmth his investigative committee Chapter 7 Ambassadors Iraqis abroad countries and the assignment of 65 diplomatic staff in the Iraqi diplomatic missions abroad on the retirement and re-investigation with others seem to suspect the existence of corrupted files against them", refusing to mention "dismissed the names of ambassadors or their places."

This "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed its intention to open external files for the country in general and especially the ambassadors and consulates abroad."

The "Iraqi Foreign Ministry was established after Iraq for the recognition of the full sovereignty by the League of Nations in 1932 and went out generations of the finest Iraqi diplomats are notorious for competence and integrity over the covenants until the occupation of Iraq in 2003," .anthy 29/9 P