Parliamentary Economy: Minister of Commerce replaced four directors of the ministry two years

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Abdul-Salam al-Maliki said on Tuesday, the Minister of Trade has replaced the four directors of the two who failed to do their work until now.

The Committee on the economy and investment parliamentary announced earlier, the exclusion of 22 companies were reluctant to deliver the ration card items during the period specified.

He said al-Maliki's (IMN) "The Minister of Trade Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim has replaced the four directors of two years since he took office in the ministry," explaining that "there are many contracts and tenders submitted to the ministry has been changed for the advancement of services provided to citizens."

Maliki said that "the Committee in coordination with the ministry is continuing to change a number of years, managers who failed to do their job as well as the fight against administrative corruption for the advancement of services to the citizen."
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce had formed a cell crisis last year, for the registration of displaced families and provide all the food supplies to them.