Oil quantities received reveal of Kurdistan

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-the Ministry of oil, Tuesday, the oil that the Kurdistan delivered to the Center, responded to the report by the Ministry of natural resources in Kurdistan on exporting oil, with the constitutional and legal reservations on some of the report and the Ministry said in a statement received PUKmedia copy: "the Ministry of natural resources in Kurdistan in (22 August 2015) statement on exports and certain amounts you expect during the period 24 June 24 August 2015", stating that "WordPress The report published on the website of the Ministry of natural resources topics mostly related to territorial institutions themselves, but the report also contained inaccurate information relating to the Federal Government, "adding that" the report that (the agreement was to provide quantities of Kurdistan oil to SOMO versus receiving share territory contained in the federal budget for the 2015 estimated at one billion dollars a month) is also (and no!Travel and Ministry of natural resources also predicted, the territorial Government received one-third share in Baghdad during the first five months in 2015), "a statement by the Ministry of natural resources of the territory did not mention that the budget law adopted in calculating federal rate to imports of oil sales is $ 56 per barrel and exports to Iraq
are 3.3 million barrels of which territory's commitment to extradite Sumo b 550,000 barrels a day, including 250 Thousand barrels/day of crude produced in Kurdistan and 300,000 barrels of crude product through Kirkuk, all revenue actually revenue for the Treasury General account. "the territory Betts feast since the beginning of the year until the day (31/5/2015) about 328,000 barrels/day, i.e. at a rate of approximately 60% and up (23/8/2015) about 240 thousand barrels/day, jBoat, 44% of the supposed quantity delivered to the Federal Government by law ", noting that" article 11/III of the budget law stipulates (in case of non-fulfilment by a party with its obligations or financial oil agreed in this budget, the other party is not obliged to fulfil obligations was also oil or financial). "he" distinguished Ministry report that the budget law (art. 10) dismissed the 17% earmarked forThe territory under actual expenditures and not planned, so when the report speaks about billion-dollar territory must receive from the Federal Government every month it refers to planned expenditures and the actual, not everyone knows that actual expenditures decreased due to lower oil prices and exported quantities, longer billion dollars per month, as the report States, "the Ministry statement showed" the constitutional and legal reservation on a series of subjectGroups mentioned in the report, like the final export related intuitions and investment of Kirkuk and sovereign nature and entering of funds in foreign banks, oil exports and not federal government accounts in Federal Bank in New York, so these things legal and financial consequences within Iraq and internationally ", stating that" the Federal Government and the canton of receivables and reciprocal obligations thus urged article 11/I/b of the budget law that (TSMembership dues between the territory and the Federal Government for the years 2004 to 2014 and subsequent years after scrutiny by the federal financial control Bureau and with the agreement of the financial audit for the County). She welcomed the Ministry in its statement said the report by the Ministry of natural resources, that "the Government of the territory will remain always open to discussion and dialogue with our colleagues in Baghdad to resolve all the existing problems in oil and gas issues and develop long-term cooperation out of all winners", noting that "the same is confirmed by the Federal Oil Ministry meetings and notes Exchanged between the parties, to resolve such sensitive topics, especially in these circumstances requiring openness and accuracy of information and the cooperation of all and to achieve the public good ".

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