Integrity Court issued two judgments by imprisonment for one year the right of


BAGHDAD / Sky Press: issued specialized files integrity and economic crime and money laundering in the court of Baghdad, on Tuesday, two judgments by imprisonment for one year to implement alternately convicted, Major General Jihad al-Jabri. And misdemeanors judge said in court Radi Fartusi in a statement received "Sky Press," "The Court condemned, Major General Jihad al-Jabri two decades relate to detect explosive devices." He added that "the convicted were sentenced to imprisonment for each contract for a year alternately are implementing," pointing out that "the decision was made in accordance with Article 331 of the Penal Code." He stressed that "the decision was in his presence, and that the convicted had been issued against him earlier provisions." The Integrity Court announced Tuesday by issuing a sentence of imprisonment for one year against former mayor Saber al-Issawi.