Foreign parliamentary: Government slow recovery of the former regime's money

Special - scales News
Counting the Foreign Relations Committee member Abdul Razak imams, Tuesday, that the government action is very slow to recover money the former regime, "noting that there was no eagerness by the previous government because of the sale of some real estate to a few influential in the state prices. He said Abdul imams L / scales News / that "there is work for the recovery of the former regime's money, but slow, considering that the Iraqi state today suffers a lot of issues, including security and financial and administrative corruption and sagging state and pleasantries at the top levels of the state in addition to a lot of Almtsidin to the work of the Iraqi state is considered Position a chance to pick up his personal situation, "stressing that" some people do not have the patriotism of higher tendency to solutions for the recovery of the former regime of Iraqi money to the Treasury. "
He added that "there is a state of desperation among some of the persons entrusted with her for the decision in the Iraqi state," noting that "more than 13 years on the fall of the regime so far there compliments and bargains and some properties of the former regime have been sold and was controlled by certain personalities".

He said Abdul imams that "inside Iraq, there's money and property of the party of the former intelligence and its far do not learn about the Iraqi state anything," stressing that "in each province there are more than 100 naked Iraqi intelligence but it was not announced and was registered in the name one associate who He sold it and moved to the outside. "

He noted that "there are no statistics for the funds of the former regime, because there was no state organization to prove all their money in the records even obtained was not an electronic state in order to be all the money to prove the computers were not outsource this thing after the fall of the regime," he said. " properties that were sold after the fall of the officials and influential ministers and sold for a low price and there was no eagerness by the previous government to return the money to the Iraqi people and not to a specific person. " He continued that "the money is not very high figures possible so that clog the budget deficit," adding that "in the very high budget deficit." Ended 29