Parliamentary Finance calls for the central bank to activate the control and take action "deterrent"

Accused the economist, on Monday, some banks dragging its feet in the payment of deposits and the rights of citizens to have, which led to the reluctance of the majority of them for depositing their money, wondering silence of the central bank as a guarantor of citizens' rights, while the financial attributed the parliamentary command to the weakness of private Bachirvh offices in the central bank's control, ask him to impose custody of the lagging banks. The economist said, on behalf of Anton in an interview for the "long" that "a lot of banks reluctant today to pay depositors the rights of citizens of their money has, expressing his regret for what he has reached those banks from a low level of corruption and non-compliance with the instructions and laws, attributing it to poor follow-up and monitoring of by the central bank. " He added that "it was supposed to central bank as Cafla the rights of citizens, to intervene to force these banks to implement their obligations towards the citizens, returned him the guarantor of these banks and Almsoal for monitoring and follow-up work in it."
He continued Anton that "boards of directors in those banks, they snapped loans from banks and other, and acted with money of citizens, and were unable to post about repaid in a timely manner, taking advantage of the weakness of laws and regulations that hold them accountable an accurate calculation. "

He pointed out that "fines suffered by the banks as a result of selling the dollar, and not to bring them official documents prove that these amounts, had bought the goods and goods import, led to the legal authorities in the Iraqi Central Bank to fine these banks, and the bank when fine, all shareholders Sagrmon. "

He explained that "who acted with the money they are 3 to 4 people only , and supposed to be held accountable who sinned only, not the simple shareholder, and this led to retain people with their money in their homes and not deposited in banks, and we desperately need now that there are savings to take advantage of them in the development process. "

On his part, said a member of the parliamentary finance committee, Haitham al-Jubouri, In an interview for the "long" that "the reason why this topic twice own Bachirvh offices control in the Central Bank of Iraq, so we find a number of banks to Latvian obligations and are giving only 10% of the value of the amounts deposited have."

He added that "these banks do not have exaggerated enough to cover, and that a lot of poor people have their right to hurt, and most of them have sold their homes or mortgage real estate and so on. "

"It is supposed that there will be periodic control over these banks, with the imposition of trusteeship by the central bank, noting that his right to to put his tutelage at any bank of banks. "

He added, "These are all will lead to follow-up and keep pace with new by the Central Bank, and even by the parliamentary finance committee, has come a long way in this matter, and we are trying to impose custody of some banks, depriving some of them of access and work in the market, for not honoring its commitments. "

parliamentary finance committee and confirmed in (19 March 2015) that the task of maintaining the deposits of citizens in banks, especially the civil, are from the CBI functions, noting that bound the Commission to support the banks in Iraq.

It showed the time Some people today are reluctant to deposit their money in banks, whether civil or government due to lack of confidence in them, because of a past event or happening right now in a number of banks, which have affected the reputation of other banks, but this does not mean that the banking cabin in Iraq is good or untrustworthy " , pointing out that "a large number of Iraqi private banks actively participated in building Iraq's economy and supported the development plans."

She added that "instil confidence among citizens about Iraqi banks as well as for maintaining the financial deposits is one of the central bank, which today is trying to push Protection Act tasks bank deposits to the Council of Ministers and then to the House of Representatives for its own legislation, as well as that his mission is to monitor banks and ways of dealing with its customers depositors a task imposed on him to maintain depositors' money. "