Sadr calls for accountability are thieves of public money and hold security leaders duds
By: wab1
Date: Tuesday, 25-08-15 02:01 am

Follow-up/Baghdad newsletter
The leader of the sadrist movement, Mr. Sadr, said Monday that the current political

Own FAQ to resolve the House, indicating that Parliament support for the reforms, with the actors don't want reforms announced by the Government.
Spokesman Salah al-Obeidi, the leader of the mainstream at a press conference held by the political Bureau of the mainstream Najaf, followed "Baghdad", "fear of procrastination demands protesters leaving Friday", indicating that "we are not asking for the dissolution of Parliament."
Al-Obeidi, said that "the House is one of the backers of the reforms announced by the Government," Noting that "external and internal parties don't want to apply reforms."
On the other hand, Sadr called on his followers to take part in demonstrations next Friday in capital exclusively to demand accountability of security leaders "duds" and bring them to justice immediately, as they move away from personal and factional demands.
He said in a statement read by his spokesman Salah al-Obeidi, "it is necessary to standardize signage through central directives to participate", stressing the need to comply with the terms of the 15 announced by Sadr in previous statements on the protests.
Sadr called on demonstrators to "be unified demands by requiring immediate accounting of public money thieves, security leaders and bring duds for immediate elimination", urging them to "keep away from personal and factional demands."