Kurdistan provides Israel with three quarters of its oil needs
By: wab1
Date: Tuesday, 25-08-15 02:00 am

Follow-up/Baghdad newsletter
The British Financial Times newspaper said that "Israel imported approximately three

Quarters need oil of Kurdistan region Iraq in past months, providing, inter alia, to a region suffering tight liquidity while battling fighters organize daash ".
In a report entitled "Israel turns to Kurds for three quarters of the oil supply, that such sales constituted" a sign of the growing boldness in Kurdistan, Iraq and further divide in relations between Arbil and Baghdad which was worried that the ultimate goal of the Kurds to secede from Iraq.
According to the report, "the imports shed light on successes achieved by the Kurdistan Iraq oil on world markets, with Italy, France and Greece also as senior buyers.
This trade through secret deals prepaid mediation of some of the largest oil trading companies in the world, including the ISC wetravighora. "
"Companies imported oil refineries and more than 19 million barrels of oil between Kurds may and August, according to shipping sources of circulation and tracking system. The estimated cost of the $ 1 billion, according to world prices in that period. This corresponds to 77 per cent of demand