Statement by Nuri Tawfik denies fleeing abroad
25/08/2015 14:40

Denied the State Minister for women's Affairs statement Nuri, former news about her escape abroad or by corrupted files "certain" that it did not deal with any or all projects received the post of Ministry ".
The Ministry said in a statement, the Minister for women "expressed regret for the level at which landed him some cheap media accusations false and void her and her family," he said, adding that it "remains in Iraq, and there is no fear of survival."
The statement quoted Taufik said, "there are gimmicky, cheap media trying to void charges for service specific agendas and student mixing and confuse public opinion."
"They did not deal with any or all projects received the post of the Ministry, did not conduct any budgetary allocation to the Ministry since the handover, and added that the Ministry had not received monthly Office petty cash 150 thousand dinars."
And media reported today that news, Minister of women statement by Nuri Tawfiq has a secret visit to the Passport Office to complete General she and the rest of her family of her intention to travel quickly to one of the European countries, following the decision to abolish the post of Ministry within the Government reforms the judge baltrshik. Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, issued on 16 August, betrshik the Government spends diwani 33 Ministry to 22, with the abolition of five ministries, and it included the abolition of the Ministry of State for women's Affairs. "end quote