25/08/2015 17:03

Oil reveal the amounts received from Kurdistan

It revealed the Ministry of Oil, Tuesday, for the amount of oil that the Kurdistan region to hand it to the center.

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: revealed the Ministry of Oil, Tuesday, for the amount of oil that the Kurdistan region to hand it to the center, while responding to the report issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region on the export of oil, expressing the constitutional and legal reservation to some of what is stated in the report.

The ministry said in a statement PUKmedia received a copy of it: "The Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region issued in (22 August 2015), an account of exports and some of the amounts you expect during the period June 24 - August 24, 2015," indicating that "stated the report, which was published on the site Ministry of Natural Resources topics mostly related to the institutions of the region itself, but the report also included inaccurate information regarding the federal government. "

The statement added that "the report reads (it was agreed to provide the amounts of the territory of oil Kurdistan to Sumo return for a full share of the receipt of the province in the federal budget for 2015, which was estimated billion dollars a month) as described also (unfortunately and as I expected and the Ministry of Natural Resources, the the provincial government received a one-third share of Baghdad during the first five months in 2015), "explaining that" the statement of the Ministry of Natural Resources in the province did not mention that the budget law adopted in the calculation of federal revenues on a price for the sale of oil rate is $ 56 a barrel and on a daily exports to Iraq are 3.3 million barrels of which the province's commitment to deliver Sumo B550 thousand barrels per day, including 250 000 barrels / day of product quantities of crude oil in the Kurdistan Region and 300 thousand barrels of product quantities of crude oil through the Kirkuk and that all revenue actually income once the public treasury to account. "

The statement said that "what he had handed over the province since the beginning of the year until the Day (05.31.2015) about 328 000 barrels / day, an average of nearly 60%, while it reached up to (08.23.2015) about 241 000 barrels / day , an average of nearly 44% of the amount supposed to deliver the federal government according to the budget law, "adding that" Article 11 / III of the budget law stipulates (If you do not fulfill any party petroleum obligations or financial agreed in this budget, the other party is not binding also to fulfilling its obligations were oil or financial). "

The statement noted that "the ministry report esteemed that the budget law (Article 10) distracted the 17% allocated to the province under the actual expenditures and not planned, so when the ministry report speaks of billion dollars should have been received by the province from the federal government a month it refers to the expenses of the planned and not the actual , and everyone knows that the actual expenditures decreased due to lower quantities exported and the prices of oil, is no longer one billion dollars a month as the report. "

The ministry expressed according to the statement, "the constitutional and legal reservation on a series of topics, the report reminds her like a final Bdihat related to exports and investment fields of Kirkuk and the debt of the sovereign character of the entry money oil exports in foreign banks and not in the federal government accounts at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, For these things legal and financial consequences inside Iraq and internationally, "indicating that" the federal government and the provincial dues and mutual obligations so urged the Article 11 / I / B of the budget law that (are dues settlement between the province and the federal government for the years 2004 to 2014 and subsequent years have yet audited by the Federal Office of Financial Supervision and in agreement with the Office of Financial Supervision of the province). "

The ministry welcomed the statement as mentioned by the Ministry of Natural Resources report that "the provincial government will remain open always for discussion and dialogue with our colleagues in Baghdad to resolve all the problems existing in the oil and gas issues and to develop long-term cooperation come out of it everybody wins," pointing out that "This is the same as that confirmed and the Federal Ministry of Oil in mutual meetings between the two parties, notes, so as to resolve these sensitive issues, especially in these circumstances that require candor and accuracy of information and the cooperation of everyone and in the public benefit. "