KDP: Maliki bears fall of Sinjar and residents will file a lawsuit against him!
Date: Monday, 24-08-15 03:34 pm

Kurdistan Democratic Party of Massud Barzani, Maliki bears fall Sinjar for failing to manage security file and the fall of Mosul, however, daash terrorist.
He said the party's leader Khalil "mehma into Iraq News" that "the people of Sinjar traditionally sued former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki of being handed the judiciary but is daash bear full responsibility", stating that "Maliki is primarily responsible for the fall of Nineveh and the rest of the country however, daash".
And between the "State of law tries to regardless of the charges against Al-Maliki, blaming President Barzani and that due to the fall of Sinjar. This is not true, "adding that" the Maliki Coalition tries to whitewash zamet cause fall of Mosul but all evidence against him. "
With the State of law Coalition, revealed Saturday, collecting signatures to refer the Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani to eliminate charges fall Sinjar to organize terrorist dash.