Integrity check the fate of the 15 Czech plane was not received by Iraq: it spent billions

Detection of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mohammed fact, on Monday, the use of the members of the parliamentary finance committee of inquiry on the arms and the Czech aircraft contracted by Iraq because of the large amounts of money that has been spent on the deal a deal. He said the fact that L / scales News / that "the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary contracts to deal Czech arms contracted by the previous government, which is scheduled to receive Iraq in which 15 aircraft type / L-159 / and a number of other sophisticated weapons including Kalashnikovs," he said "Those contracts" secret "extremely did not disclose the rest of the details to the media at all because of the huge sums of money that has been spent and the quality of the arms importer and which could have been used to build the capacity of the Iraqi army." And between the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member, said "billions of dollars are signed contract with a specialist in the arms industry Czech companies value and sell it to Iraq in particular," pointing out that "we Nhak about the fate of the aircraft that were not up to Iraq so far and deal Kalashnikov rifles, which was held between the governments of Iraq and the Czech Republic at the time of the Maliki government Althelanah ".

The "parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the late arrival of the first batch of the Czech aircraft deal to several more months because of an error in the correspondences conducted by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry with its counterpart, Czech, the Committee spoke of the existence of suspicions of corruption in the Czech deal," pointing to "the existence of an exaggeration in the price of the deal , saying it Stphath defense committee on that. " The "declared the Czech Defense Ministry for the Czech government's approval of a deal to hand over Iraq's 15 aircraft / L-159 / predicted aircraft delivered to Iraq through two to three years" .anthy