Abdul Wahid calls the Kurdish groups to take advantage of the Iraqi constitution, the adoption of a parliamentary system

Called for an MP for the mass change Serwa Abdul Wahid, on Monday, the Kurdish groups to take advantage of the Iraqi constitution and rely on the quality of the parliamentary system. said Abdul Wahid said in a statement, he said that "differences on the law of presidency of the province is still going on, and this does not serve the political situation," calling "powers Political to speed up a political and legal framework for this situation way out, by dealing with the presidency of the regional laws and show full flexibility. "She Abdul Wahid that" the situation in the region is not likely any tension last, "adding that" the dispute now to change the political system, "pointing to "The parliamentary system more democratic and in line with the reality of Kurdistan and even Iraqi." She added that the "presidential existing models in the Middle East confirm as bad models can not stick to hold such systems, which in the best conditions of turning into a hereditary system", stressing the need to "take advantage of the Constitution Iraqi and relied upon in the political system type. "