Barzani: should the political parties agree in the national interest and stability

Twilight News / confirmed Security Council adviser to Barzani of the Kurdistan Region, on Monday, that the Kurdish political parties to reach agreement on the basis of national interest and the stability of the Kurdistan Region. Barzani's remarks came during a meeting with MP Nadim Zahawi Britain. The two sides exchanged views on recent political and military developments and they were in agreement on the need to increase military aid to the Peshmerga forces in terms of its size and its fields, especially that Britain is an active member in the international coalition in the war against terrorists "Daash". And on the political developments in the region, Barzani stressed the importance of dialogue and consensus between all the parties to resolve differences and divergent views, stressing the necessity of these parties to reach agreement on the basis of national interest and Astaqrarakulaim Kurdistan. In regard to connected to political developments in the region, the member of the British Parliament (of the assets of a Kurdish Iraqi) Nadim Zahawi is in the framework of his visit to the Kurdistan Region to meet with representatives of Kurdish parties declaring that his message to the Kurdish people all is that it should be united, because the only way for the success of Kurdistan lies in autism. In another aspect of the meeting, the two sides discuss the relations between Baghdad and Erbil, the events in Syria and the latest developments in the region.