Kirkuk complain about the denial of financial entitlements for two years

Twilight News /
administration complained the province of Kirkuk on Monday, from the denial of financial entitlements since March 2013 in conjunction with the reception of hundreds of thousands of displaced people which was a great pressure on the province in the absence of government support.

This came during Mousa departments to maintain service meeting to discuss the service conditions and the efforts of the administration of Kirkuk and its departments ease the financial pressures taking place in the province and the daily commitment to provide services to its citizens.

The governor of Kirkuk Necmettin cream in a statement seen by Twilight News, that "Kirkuk's management and board are committed to take whatever they deem appropriate to sustain funding for the necessary services to citizens, particularly with regard to the sectors of health, municipal and cleaning of the neighborhoods, roads, markets and hospitals in light of the continued disappearance of funding and disbursement of financial dues Kirkuk."

"The continued decline in oil prices in global markets significantly affects the economic performance of the Iraqi state and put it in front of a difficult financial situation to meet its obligations to the citizens who are demonstrating now to protest against the lack of service delivery, which coincides with directing the energies of the country to fight Daash terrorist gangs in the axes and several fronts ".

The cream, that "overall readings and convictions about the economic situation foreshadows the current situation is difficult that Iraq is going through," adding that "Kirkuk deprived of their constitutional rights with respect to the financial entitlements since March 2013 and has received more than half a million displaced after the control of the terrorists on their cities, What he was born a heavy burden on service departments in the absence of government support for it. "