CoI Commissioner Dr. Hasen Al-Yassiri: CoI Opens Its Doors for Demonstrators Legitimate Demands

CoI commissioner Dr. Hasen Al-Yassiri has emphasized on CoI support for the legitimate demands of the demonstrators who expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of services especially the electricity. In a statement released by CoI today, the commissioner stressed that Iraqi constitution guaranteed the demonstrating right to demand their legitimate rights, pointed out that CoI doors are open to all Iraqis in order to present their files regarding corruption in some of state institutions. He called attention to the national motive which obliges the in charge person to be in the right place, striving for people prosperity by doing the best effort to achieve the objective. Dr. Al-Yassiri visited the ministry of electricity. He stood closely on the most important ministry`s project with a view to know crises reasons of electricity production, confirmed that CoI shall not hesitate on hold corrupters to accountable who were one of causes of the crisis.